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Place KattySaks Over Any Hooded Litter Box*
All KattySaks Styles Fit Any Litter Box Size!
Large, Medium, and Small litter boxes shown here:

KattySaks will fit over many litter box brands such as Purina®, Tidy Cats®, Petmate®, Van Ness®, PETCO®, and Iris Easy®

Fits over all hooded litter boxes (with center entrance/exit) up to 22” wide. Including jumbo and extra jumbo kitty litter boxes
Not Intended for specialty litter boxes
Litter box entrance must be in the center

Each KattySak includes a removable plastic board and Styrofoam spacer. The spacer provides height for smaller litter boxes.
Be sure to remove the internal plastic board and your optional Styrofoam spacer before washing. The front panel may be tucked inside should your cat prefer an open entryway.
KattySaks comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. Shipping fees not included.
KattySaks Dimensions: 21" L x 18" H x 16" W.
KattySaks are patent pending
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The Kitty Litter Box Cover.

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