le dresser

The cat’s meow.

For the classy cat.

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Easy Directions
Just remove your KattySaks litter box cover from its package and place it over the roof of your enclosed kitty litter box. Place the entrance of the KattySak at the front of the litterbox while the loose panel hangs at the front entrance.


KattySaks are made from 100% polyester which means it’s both machine washable and dryable. KattySaks will not shrink!
KattySaks kitty litter box cover fit over all small, medium, large, jumbo and extra jumbo hooded litter boxes with the entrance placed in the center of the box. KattySaks will not work on litter boxes without a hood top. KattySaks is not intended for specialty litter boxes.
Le Dresser
This chic design says it all. Le Dresser details the faux appearance of a high gloss black dresser embellished with silver and grey molding. Your feline friend will be ready to groom using the elegant mirror and brush on top of the dresser. This cat has style. The dresser top accessories include a sparkling diamond collar, eau de “purrfum,” and juicy novels. Who would have thought your litter box could have so much class?

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